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Contact Form 7 plugin settings

How to customise the ContactForm7 WordPress plugin settings & create custom forms

Out of all the contact form plugins I’ve used, ContactForm 7 is easily the best. Why? Because: it just always works, others sometimes don’t work because of Ajax interference, host settings etc; it’s easy to add to your site; it’s not too difficult to customise.

If you’ve followed the instructions in the You Make The Website guide and now you want to customise the form or create another way, take a look at the Contact Form 7 FAQ.

Important note!

If you are customising an existing form, be sure to add a new form, do not overwrite the existing one or the setup work you’ve already done might be lost!

To add a new form, go to Contact settings under Settings in the WordPress admin and then click Add New at the top of the Contact Form 7 settings page.