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Maintaining a Blog

Maintain a blog that people will read

WordPress is a great tool that makes blogging easy. But how do you write blog posts that actually engage the audience?

If you are looking for tutorials on how to use the WordPress admin to make and edit post and page content, take a look a the creating & editing post & page content section.

Personally, as an experienced blogger, I’ve found these resources to be very refreshing in a “back to basics” kind of way. That being said, the articles linked to below are for all skills levels.

My key tip, is to always write for the audience. Some bloggers focus way to much on optimising the content for SEO, and so it sounds like a robot has written the article (or they are writing the article for a robot).

Here is a list of links to resources that will help guide you in maintaining a blog and writing good content.

Ten Tips for writing a blog post

The title says 10, but they actually have 11 tips. This is a good start to make you aware of the principles you need to consider when writing blog posts.

7 Tips to Writing a Blog Post That’s Scannable

You’ll be surprised at just how little time most people spend looking at a page. You need to capture the user’s attention in just a few seconds. This article has some tips on how to achieve this in your blog posts.

Guidelines and tips for successful corporate blogging

When blogging for business, you need to carefully consider your methods. Contains some good guidelines as well as ideas for content.

10 Ways to Increase Blog Readership

Once you’ve started blogging, you need to increase and maintain an audience of readers. This article contains both offsite and onsite tips to help increase and then maintain a good readership base.

How to Use WordPress Categories

WordPress categories are often misused, abused or just not given the thought they need to make an organised and easy to use website. Learn how to use categories in your WordPress blog.

Increase SEO & Usability: How to Use WordPress Tags

Do you know how to use tags in WordPress effectively? Along with categories, tags are often misused. Increase your blog’s usability and SEO with these tips.

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